Financial protection from US mess

The recent economic crisis that started in 2008 and now has triggered even more drastic actions from the US government will certainly eliminate the middle class like never before.


The only way to survive this is to either get promoted from your job assuming you still have one or create a business yourself. There is simply no other way that the average person will be able to maintain their lifestyle like before if they don’t do something as preparation for the coming financial storms. I don’t intend to give you the details on how to do it because there are millions of other blogs out there that can provide better details on how to do it. the important point is, everyone needs to watch out for themselves.


God Bless us All!!!


HPV – Humanpapillomavirus, genital warts, virus

Signs and symptoms of HPV-related problems:

Any suspicious bumps in your genital area is probably caused by HPV or known as human papillomavirus. Any sexual contact can cause this to happen. The warts that develop can also vary in appearance. It can be small and dark to sometimes cauliflower in appearance. The symptoms can also appear after several weeks or months when you came in contact with an infected person.

The infection can remain dormant for years and can still pass it on to other people without realizing it. There are rare cases when a pregnant woman infects her own baby. There are a lot of treatments for this but it is important that you treat it early to ensure it does not develop into something else.

Bonds and Issuance terminology

Bonds Payable

A business entity issues bonds to raise cash for a variety of reasons. They either need it for expansion or they want to be able to be able to have an emergency stand by cash. The printed bond certificate has the principal amount printed in it. Another name for the principal value is maturity value and face value. The interest rates as well as the length of time that it will take to mature are also indicated in the bond certificate. The bonds that are issued are sometimes sold at premium in case investors perceive it as worth more than it states. The bond is issued as sub-prime in case the value of the bond is lower than expectations of the investors and there are significant risks associated with the issuer. This is to entice the investors to buy the bonds.
The term issued at par means that the bond has been issued at its actual value written in the certificate.

Normal Balances in General ledger for Buyer and Seller positions

These are the normal balances in the general ledger when entering

data in individual accounts. Students should take note that the returns and allowances are all

going to reduce their respective sales or purchases accounts. These are contra accounts

for their respective revenue or purchase account.

Purchases dr Sales cr
Purchase discount cr Sales discount dr
Purchase return cr sales return dr
Purchase allowance cr sales allowance dr

Accounting Adjusting Entries Table

Entries Table

For those accounting students that have a hard time in understanding the adjusting entries for completing the accounting cycle period, here is a short summary of how to go about it.

Adjusting Entries


Reversing Entries


Used portion

Dr. Expense item/receivable


Cr. Accrued Payable/ income




Used portion


Dr. Supplies Expense
Cr. Supplies


NOT used portion


Dr. Supplies
Cr. Supplies Expense



Used portion


Dr. Unearned X Income
Cr. X Income


NOT used portion


Dr. X Income
Cr. Unearned X Income

Investing Advice

There is the value investing approach and the trading approach. I prefer the value investing approach

because you don’t need to monitor the stock movements all the time. You are also safe no matter where the

market goes. It does not matter whether the market goes up or down, you will make money either way.

The value investing approach requires you to determine the “intrinsic value” of the business and then

just compare it with the existing market price. If it is higher than market price then buy it. If it is lower than the market price then don’t buy it. Simple as that. Buy it when it is cheap, avoid it when it gets more expensive than what you

calculated it to be. The hard part is that it requires you to analyze the financial statements of the company in order to gauge future performance. The information is also combined with the current economic trends plus any potential future opportunities or threats for the company’s profitability. I will detail the specific analysis of individual companies in other posts.

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